Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Wrong concept: Supreme fatwa council

According to news from Makkah, scholars are calling for the OIC Fiqh Academy to serve as an ultimate reference point for Muslims worldwide. In particular, the Assistant Secretary General `Ata'ullah Al-Mannan justified this view by saying that "jurisprudence and fatwa are playing a very important role at the current stage in the Islamic world" (citing in particular fatwas that incite violence and terrorism, and the need to counter with authoritative fatwas).

For those general topics, I doubt that terrorists will cease their activities because a decisive fatwa was issued. Just as twisted minds have twisted scripture to justify ungodly acts, they can twist fatwas and choose the muftis that issue opinions they like.

The solution may be in dismantling, rather than strengthening, the institution of fatwa.


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