Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Identity politics and Islamic law

In a recent conference entitled "Shari`a (Islamic law), Identity, and the Constitution", a group of scholars reaffirmed the identity-political nature of adherence to Shari`a. On the other hand, the scholars who spoke at the conference, including Dr. Yahia El-Gamal (no relation), Dr. M. Salim Al-`Awwa, and others, affirmed that theocracy is not known in Islam, and that Islamic states are civil/secular, even if the laws are derived from Shari`a. In this regard, the issue of objectives of the law (Maqasid al-Shari`a) again featured prominently in the discussion, suggesting that -- outside the area of theology and acts of worship -- specific rulings are not as important, and the main Islamic legal principles are identical with those underlying other human legal systems.


Blogger Parvez said...

Dear Dr. Gamal


Indeed, the Shariah arbitrageurs are currently assembled in Toronto in large numbers. Please see the link below:


The question is "how do we stop them from feasting on piety" or "should we leave them alone and hope that pious will sort it out themselves"

Your thoughts and comments please.



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