Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mutuality in health care

In my previous posting, I pointed to my work on mutuality and religious law. Now, here is a feature article about a Christian co-op's mutuality in health care provision. I don't understand why the article highlights the "faith" aspect so much, when this appears to be a mutual insurance scheme, not that different - say - from State Farm's. I also don't understand why the article says that health care reform is irrelevant for this. The fear is that many may abandon this mutual scheme, in which case one may be left without healthcare insurance. The new law reduces this penalty by allowing people to buy into another conventional insurance scheme if this one were to fail, so I would think that healthcare reform is in fact good for this kind of mutual health insurance. In the end, customers should also compare prices and quality of service, and it should all be for the customers' (and by inference, in the long run, for the health providers') benefit.


Blogger Faheem Noor Ali said...

This is interesting- the lack of guaranteed coverage could mean that some of these people could be getting the health care afforded under the new bill, but not paying for it as everyone else is. Also, as the article touched on, we should look at the health trends of the people who take on this co-op. If there is high incidence of obesity and diabetes, for instance, you could run a serious disadvantage

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Blogger nhusain said...

Australia is jumping in Islamic Finance!

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Blogger nhusain said...

Our beloved shariah scholars!

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