Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Islamists with little faith

I will not go as far as Hassan El-Banna did when he called those within the group he had founded who planned assassinations "neither brethren nor Muslims." However, I have to admit that the cynicism of the Egyptian Islamists' deal with the military, beautifully and accurately depicted in today's New York Times, suggests that they have very little faith in their Egyptian brethren. As one youth activist said on television yesterday, it is as if they had forgotten the consequences of the bad deal they had made with the free officers in 1952-54, which resulted in 60 years of repression. So, they have conspired with the political and military elites to create an electoral system that they believe favors them and push for elections before alternative and legitimate political clusters have a chance to emerge.

Their main agenda seems to be simply "to apply the Shari`a" and assert the Islamicity of the country, but what exactly does that mean in terms of concrete legal and policy implications? No one knows! The reality is that to find what Islam means in the modern age, we need to take a leap of faith, learning from the best experiences of others, and learning from mistakes as we move forward. Slogans and dogma are not only counterproductive, but also inherently un-Islamic, if you consider how Islam evolved in its early centuries.

This "political Islam" is exactly like "Islamic finance," which is formulaic Islamization of the finance that bankers, Islamists, and incoherently pietist Muslims want to pursue, even though it makes everyone worse off than they would have under conventional finance, holding their substantive financial strategies constant. It appears that Islamist political powers, likewise, just want power. They are a perfect example of Nietsche's will to power in fake "Islamic" garb, just like Islamic finance is a manifestation of the greed and myopia of contemporary finance in fake "Islamic" garb.

The essence of religion is honor, morality, and the willingness to sacrifice for those. I see none of this in today's Islamists, political or financial. Shame on them!


Blogger nhusain said...

Are you familiar with Nasr Abu Zayd?

2:36 PM  
Blogger nhusain said...

The prohibitions of interest based mortgages did'nt come out of a vacuum. It's based on a traditional fiqh opinion that says any fixed return on a loan is rib a and is forbidden islamically. Also there are new products and many business plans out there that that are looking for seed funding. One company is They are looking for 10 million dollars in seed funding and their product is based on the REIT (real estate investment trust) concept. If to you can help raise funds for these you yourself can make millions legitimately.

9:42 AM  
Blogger nhusain said...

Also the mortgage crisis and the failure of the banking system is used as proof by the traditional scholars to their point of view. If people in the usa had followed taqi usmani 's criteria with regards to not investing in financial institutions. They would not have lost as much money as they did. Abu dhabi itself lost so much money by investing in citibank.

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Blogger nhusain said...

The whole occupy movement is attacking the failed banking system which the scholars have declared unislamic.

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